Body Spa Treatments

Body Spa Treatments:

For relaxation, cleansing, exfoliation, purification or to invigorate the body from head to toe. 

Custom Blend Aromatherapy Body Polish & Wrap

65 minutes – $85

The invigorating aromatic blend of organic sugars and essentials oils deeply exfoliate your body to remove the impurities, dulling surface skin cells, revealing your new skin underneath. It also increases circulation and leaves your skin soft, smooth and polished. Your body is wrapped to retain the heat, while you receive a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage. Salts are removed with warm towels, and hydrating body butter is applied, leaving your body feeling nourished with a healthy radiant glow.

Detoxifying Green Tea Wrap

90 minutes – $125

Green tea is a very powerful herb that has many antioxidants that promote healthy skin and natural beauty. It’s best known for helping rid of the body of toxins. Bentonite clay and Dead Sea salt are combined with green tea to give this detoxifying mud wrap a powerful punch. Bentonite clay detoxifies, cleanses, and strengthens skin cells, aiding in body contouring and weight loss. The treatment will begin with an all over dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and open pours. Next you will be covered with a refreshing mud body mask, and wrapped cocoon style to aid in the detoxification process. You will have time to relax and receive a face and scalp massage. After the mask has been washed off by warm towels, a moisturizing cream will be applied leaving you healthy and refreshed.

Cellulite Cupping Therapy

30-45 minutes – $85 per area

Cellulite Cupping therapy aids in weight reduction and the removal of cellulite. This treatment is a form of deep-tissue, non-invasive healing therapy. Cellulite cupping therapy is performed by using medical-grade silicone cups that the therapist pushes for suction much like an everyday suction cup. The therapist simply glides these cups across the target area.

When suction is applied on the skin, the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break up. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins that are released are moved to the lymph drainage network. Since cupping therapy also promotes a more efficient drainage of the lymph nodes, these toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. Cupping is also known to ease the cords connecting the skin and muscle. In this way, fluid build-up is reduced and the skin develops a more cellulite-free healthy appearance.

Since each cupping session is customized for maximum effect on every individual patient, the therapy provides many other positives. Patients have reported the detoxification of the body, a firmer, tighter appearance of the skin, and removal of stretch marks, acne and scars. The body is shapelier and better blood circulation results in the appearance of a healthier looking skin.

Table Sauna Session

20 minutes – $45 | As Add-On $35

Relax on a massage table while your body is encompassed with warm steam.  Various essential oils or herbs are used to enhance the session and promote wellness.  Some of the benefits of steam therapy include assisting your body to detoxify and purify, aids in overall skin improvement, stress reduction, cellulite appearance reduction, relief from joint and muscle pain, respiratory conditions, assists in relieving inflammation and swelling, increases circulation, and helps boost your immune system.  Sessions can be done individually or in addition to any massage or spa treatment.

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